Office Hours: T & Th 10:45am-12:15pm, W. 4-5pm. 


To engage in meaningful research projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor

  1. To engage in meaningful research projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor
  2. To use latex to prepare presentations and reports
  3. To learn to present technical material in a clear way



Weeks 1-2: Writing an abstract: After a full semester working on a research project, students will be ready to report on their results or expected results. We begin the second semester with techniques for writing a clear and concise abstract with impact. As before, students will write their own abstract and enlist the help of their advisors and mentors as well as the other students in the class to edit it.  Students will learn from the interactive process of helping each other write an abstract.

Weeks 3-5:  Preparing a poster presentation: students will learn how to make an interesting, eye catching, and informative poster. In latex.

Weeks 6-8:  Preparing a 15 minute lecture on your research topic: students will work interactively to prepare and revise their final presentations.

Weeks 9-13: Final Presentation: students will present their research to the class and develop their scientific communication skills by analyzing their own presentations as well as other presentations given in class.

Evaluation: The final grade will be based on the students’ cumulative performance on their written documents (research proposal, abstract, poster, etc) and the associated oral presentations.

Grading:  Will be based on

1. Assignment 1: abstract (20%)

2. Assignment 2: Poster preparation (25%)

3. Presentation: 20 minute lecture (35%)

4. Reports on other students’ presentations (20%)


Attendance:  Is required.  3 unexcused absences may result in an automatic F.


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